Made to improve our environment

Plastic pollution affects our landscapes, waterways and oceans. Every year, millions of tons of plastic enter the oceans from coastal communities. To reduce the prominence of plastic waste, we encourage cleanup and plastic recycling.

PetFelt panels are made from plastic PET flakes. These flakes are extruded, spinned and winded into staple fibers. Thereafter, the fibers are mixed into a non-woven fabric through needle felting. By thermally bonding and compression, this fabric is turned into PetFelt, without the use of chemicals at any time during the process.

Recycling PET flakes is the first step, reusing PET products is the second. The PetFelt range you’ll find on this website, is 100% PET. All products are fully recyclable by the end of life. This way, we minimize waste and consequently reduce the load of our total waste stream.

Safe working environment

Pet Felt adds to a safe working environment as it doesn’t emit dangerous off gasses such as formaldehyde.

Less consuming and wasteful

Pet Felt is a face finished product. It’s slim and pinable. Thus, avoiding complicated and costly constructions with multiple raw materials.

Truly circular

Pet Felt consists of recycled PET (type of plastic) making it a soft, yet sturdy felt material. At the end of its life it can be recycled.